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Printed patches


We can print an order as tiny as ONE piece. Just ask us for an offer. Of course the cost for a single piece is always higher, but sometimes it makes unforgettable presents which are completely worth it. 😇


This production method is best for reproducing very little details and colour gradients with precision, so if your artwork is very complicated, we will most probably recommend you to have it sublimation printed. Check out our gallery in order to gain some impressions on what is possible or just ask us for a free sample by email.


There are no limitations with size. We have been producing both badges as little as 2 cm in height and two meter flags and banners. For small emblems the first thing we always do is to check if it will look well and if text will be readable with your desired size and if not, we suggest changes. For especially large artwork we require vector or high resolution raster files.

Delivery times

Normally we deliver within 21 days from the moment of confirming your order. If you're tight on time, please let us know and we will do everything possible to deliver on time for your event!


Almost any colour is possible with print! Still, Also here in case your logo contains any specific colours that should be precisely precisely reproduced, please send us your requirements using the Pantone color system in order to make sure you receive exactly what you expect. In case this is your first time doing that, it is very important to know that colours often look different on screen and when printed, so the best will be if you can choose from a paper catalog.


We offer Swiss quality and produce for outdoors - scouts, sports teams, outdoor workers and more.


There are no restrictions to the shape of your emblem. Most customers order either rectangular or circle emblems, but this doesn’t mean you cannot have an oval, crest or entirely custom shape.


Print is much more cost effective for small orders than stitching, this is why we normally recommend it when you only need a few pieces. Here there are no initial costs, as no stitching program is needed, still if the artwork needs to be digitalized from hand drawing or vectorized for quality purposes, this would affect the price depending on the complicacy of the drawing and the amount you order.

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