A small selection of some of our interesting works

Embroidered emblems

Entirely or partially stitched badges.

+ Beautiful high quality look.

+ Washable at high temperatures.

+ Large variety of shapes and colors

– higher costs for small quantities

– gradients and small details and text are difficult to reproduce

Printed emblems

Printed badges with stitched edges.

+ picture perfect printing, suitable for smaller details and gradients

+ any color, shape and size – suitable from very small labels to large flags

+ good prices even for small quantities

– for large sizes: vector data or very high resolution images are needed

Other products

Some of the other things we do:

  • printed and hot cut labels for clothes, bags, caps etc.
  • printed b-caps
  • towels (small quantities for presents)
  • different flags and fabric banners

Just ask us and we will do our best to find the right solution for you.

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