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Why wearing face masks helps stop the spread of coronavirus?

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Washable Fabric Face Masks

Face masks are a very controversial product, especially in the “Western” world. Even the World Health Organisation’s statements on the topic seem to not be very definitive and clear. This is why in the beginning of the pandemic we refused to participate in the upcoming hype just to make some additional business out of it. We just do not sell things we don’t believe in and that we personally would not use, and this is one of the pillar principles of our little company. Lately though, since this topic is very discussed, we did a thorough research and now we’re actually convinced that

masks are crucial in the nowadays situation.

Here’s why. Even if it’s still controversial to what degree they protect you from viruses, few things are clear:

  • Viruses are transmitted mostly with little droplets of saliva that come out when we speak. Masks stop those droplets from spreading on people and surfaces around you.
  • A large percent of the coronavirus cases go unnoticed and without symptoms. Close to 100% of the cases have no symptoms during the first few days, when they are actually the most contagious.
  • That being said, wearing a mask means

being responsible and protecting the others around you.

This was enough for us to start offering masks. It’s not exactly how we imagined the fashion trends for our spring/summer 2020 collection, and we wish this never happened, but as it’s already here, let’s enjoy our cool new designs.

P.S. If you can sew your own masks or you want to support a local producer in your area, this is great. In any case, unless you already passed this illness: wear masks! They protect your loved ones.


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