Digitalizing / vectorizing your artwork … or helping you create it from scratch!

Digitalizing | Vectorizing | Creation

You might be one of those customers who have their artwork prepared and ready to be printed or stitched, or you might only have a hand drawn sketch, or a low quality image. Or… everything might just be an idea in your mind. Either way, don’t be afraid to share your wishes with our team. Our in-house designers will give 110% to help you with creating the desired artwork.

Check the galleries below to see what we mean by “digitalizing”.

How does it work?

  • Discussion

    We talk about what you need, what you imagine. You let us know about the elements we have to include in your artwork etc.

  • Suggestion

    We give you a suggestion, or even two. We talk about it once again and fine-tune it.

  • Approval

    As soon as you approve the design, we can proceed with printing or stitching.

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